thursday 1 june - Chechnya fundraiser: paragraph 175 - duke's at komedia - 6.30pm

Directors: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. (UK, Germany and USA. 2000. 81 mins) In English and French and German with English subtitles. 

This Sundance award-winning documentary uncovers the often hidden story of the persecution of people deemed homosexual in Nazi Germany. Over 100,000 people were arrested under Paragraph 175, an anti-sodomy provision of the German penal code, many of whom where send to concentration camps, with only 4,000 surviving. Five of these individuals tell their stories in a gripping reminder of a dark moment in history that is seldom spoken of. 

All profits from this screening will go towards LGBT+ groups in Chechnya, where queer people are currently being murdered, tortured and detained in concentration camps. 

wednesday 21 june - my genderation: short film programme - duke's at komedia - 6pm

My Genderation is an ongoing film project celebrating trans lives and trans experiences co-created by Fox Fisher and Lewis Hancox, who met after taking part in C4’s My Transsexual Summer. It is currently run by Fox and Owl, who are non binary trans partners in crime and in love. Since My Genderation started, they have released over 60 short films, documentaries and sketches on trans issues, endorsed by the BBC, C4 and NHS (Choices & E-Learning). In 2016, Fox was invited to Russia to share and make films. Fox also created film content with TGEU (Transgender Europe), IGLYO (International LGBT Youth Organisation) and Trans Iceland. What makes My Genderation unique is that it's an initiative started by trans people aimed to make films about other trans people. 

The short films being shown include a mix of fact and fiction. Highlights include our film that we made about trans people in Russia, a short fiction called Stealth and a film following three years of transition for a young person aged 9 to 12.

friday 14 july - tangerine - preston manor - 9pm

Director: Sean Baker (2015. USA. 88 mins)

This summer we're teaming up with the San Miguel Picturehouse Pop-Up series to bring you one of our favourites from the past few years.

Tangerine follows Sin-Dee, a Black transgender sex worker who has recently finished a 28-day prison sentence. Upon her release, Sin-Dee's friend Alexandra informs her that her boyfriend Chester has been cheating on her with a cisgender woman. What follows is a passionate tale of retribution and reconciliation that sees Sin-Dee traversing West Hollywood in search of the man who has wronged her. Noteworthy for being shot entirely on iPhones as well as featuring performances by trans actresses playing trans women (unforgettable performances from Mya Taylor and  Kitana Kiki Rodriguez), Tangerine is a landmark film in trans representation. 

friday 21 july - trans pride 2017 shorts programme - dukes at komedia - 6.30 & 8.30pm

For the fifth year running, Trans Pride Brighton & Hove, My Genderation and Eyes Wide Open Cinema have teamed up to curate a selection of short film exploring a variety of trans lives and experiences worldwide. This eclectic selection, featuring both fact and fiction film, is a testament to the heterogeneity of trans lives and a celebration of resilience in the face of oppression.