Jacob Engelberg - Programmer (2015-)

Jacob is the current Programmer of Eyes Wide Open Cinema. He has an academic background in Film Studies, Queer Theory and Bisexual Theory and recently completed a Masters degree in Sexual Dissidence at the University of Sussex. Jacob currently works in cinema marketing and spends his spare time listening to podcasts and drinking Rioja.  


Khaliden is the Digital Marketer of Eyes Wide Open Cinema. He has an academic background focusing on Film Studies, Digital Media and online LGBTQ behaviour and is currently completing a PhD in Media & Culture Studies at the University of Sussex. He spends his spare time binge watching television shows, reading comics, cooking, and wishing he lived the life of Mariah Carey.

pippa sa - communications co-ordinator

Pippa is the Communications Co-ordinator of Eyes Wide Open Cinema. She has an academic background in Film Studies and Drama, specialising in the performativity of gender, sexuality and identity. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at Queen Mary, University of London. She also produces and co-hosts the Bechdel Theatre Podcast, focussing on female representation in theatre. In her spare time she attempt to cook a vegan, gluten-free diet (she's that girl) and she endeavours to meet as many RuPaul's Drag Race contestants as she can. 

fran gonta - administrator


Jonathan Hyde - Founder and Programmer (2012-2015)

Jonathan founded Eyes Wide Open Cinema in 2012 out of a desire to bring a regular queer film programme to the city of Brighton and Hove. He has a background in film exhibition and has worked with the film festivals Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto. Johnathan spends his spare time as a photographer, leatherworker, and admirer of Isabella Rossellini.