about us


Eyes Wide Open Cinema is a queer film strand based in Brighton. We were founded in 2012 by Jonathan Hyde out of a desire to bring a regular film series to Brighton exploring the lives and work of sexual and gender minorities in film. 

We host regular screenings in cinemas, bars, and galleries across town showcasing a varied programme of queer cinema, both old and new. We believe in the radical potential of cinematic representations that challenge status quos, resist hegemony, and subvert established norms. 

We are proud members of Film Hub South East, The New Black Film Collective, and the Queer Film Network

‘Whether we like it or not, cinema assumes a pedagogical role in the lives of many people. It may not be the intent of a filmmaker to teach audiences anything, but that does not mean that lessons are not learned...The fact that some folks may attend films as “resisting spectators” does not really change the reality that most of us, no matter how sophisticated our strategies of critique and intervention, are usually seduced, at least for a time, by the images we see on the screen.’

bell hooks, "Making Movie Magic", in Reel To Real: Race, Sex and Class at the Movies